‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) video promo of their new single Scared of America.

Check out the new single Scared of America HERE.


Scared of America

I’m scared of America

That Alpha Male

I’m scared of America

With that sting in it’s tail

I stepped on a compass

And found myself here

On a bus in Vegas

An American nightmare

I’m scared of America

It’s too big for me

I’m scared of America

Trapped in the ‘Land of The Free’

Corruption on Capitol Hill

Discrimination way down south

So many are ready to kill

You’d better not open your mouth

I’m scared of America

Moma’s got a gun

I’m scared of America

And so has her son

Jesus was American

So Hollywood maintains

Maybe he was Mexican

That sneaked in on the train

Follow the American Dream

Do the John Wayne walk

Gotta have plenty of Greens

Coz here money talks, money talks, money talks

I’m scared of America



Paul Robert Thomas


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