As my memory returns I remember a few of the more unusual things that I’ve done along the way:-


Drove a Rover SD1 police car on a drivers training course 140 mph (225 kph) down the busy A40 Hendon Way in London and funilly enough you could hear a pin drop inside the car as all the other occupants seemed to be holding their breath (national speed limits do not apply to police vehicles on driver training courses:)!


Driven a London Underground Train on a driver’s training course and worked as a full time train guard operating the doors etc.


Driven a London red double decker bus through the streets of London on a driver’s training course.


Wearing a gas mask & waving 2 fluorescent red flags as I guided a single proped crop spraying plane a few feet over my head to spray the cotton fields with pesticides (I got soaked in pesticides but I haven’t grown two heads or other bits so far:)!


As a London PC faced molitov cocktails and rocks thrown at me from rioters in the 1981 Battersea riots


In 1984, during the ‘Maggie Thatchers’ miners strike as a PC went down a working mine to witness the terrible & sufficating working conditions of the miners


As a London PC, disarmed a man brandishing a loaded gun using only my ‘tact and good humour’ as all I had was a truncheon to defend myself with’:)!


As a London PC, was part of an operation that seized the (then) biggest haul of cocaine in London’s history.


Had rockets fired whizzing over my head from the Hizbullah in Lebanon (they all missed & landed in nearby fields but anyway I was oblivious to them as I carried on sleeping:)!



roger waters

hello…r thomas waters here in pensacola , florida. i play in a band called mast mizzen over here in the usa…i see you have
fanned us on reverb nation…we play a lot of british rock with “starch” at low volume…how is it that you became a fan of

billy bober

paul, so glad to meet you.I saw led zep on their first US tour in a 800 seat,revolving shakepaearean theater, saw Yes on the first tour, had a dr. dream last night I was playing bass for frank zappa, saw him also,early 70’s, saw CREAM, on their last US gig,saw bowie diamond dogs tour,many more. In the early 70″s I dated a girl whose father owned a record store, so we got tickets to everybody. thanks for the note, peace love and understanding. billy bober

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