Sold My Soul to the Devil by ‘The Grils’ (music Stefan Pauleit, lyrics Paul Robert Thomas) is a song about the late great legend Robert Johnson that reached number one in the International Indie Top 40 Chart at Australia’s Ison Radio.

The track, which can be heard HERE (watch the video HERE), evoked a response from Robert Johnson’s grandson who wrote this letter to Paul after hearing Sold My Soul to the Devil – “I’m Steven Johnson, vice president of The Robert Johnson Blues Foundation and grandson of the late blues icon Robert Johnson. I also happen to be a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve never believed my grandfather sold his soul to the devil because he (my grandfather) didn’t own his soul (God owned it). What I do believe is the hard work and much practice allowed my grandfather to learn his skills on the guitar. Just as Eric Clapton, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, and many other great artists that attributes my grandfather music as being the springboard of their success had to practice and still practice some more; my granddad worked hard to obtain his skills.”



Randy Robbins

Very cool… and cool song, Paul… I love Robert Johnson… I do 32-20 Blues often, and a few others less often… But I love all his songs. I too enjoy the legend/myth aspect of the whole selling his soul to the devil to be able to play the blues… it’s a good story… archetypal even… but I agree with Steven… I’m sure he actually practiced hard, and played for people wherever he could, and honed his skills… Cool though, man…

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