Night Worker by  ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s)  was released on 10 June 2016 by Swiss Cottage Recordz.

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) are song writer and composer Paul Odiase and song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas.


‘Les Paul’s” (The Paul’s) deliver an album that makes some interesting artistic choices, paying tribute to David Bowie and using his ’70s or ’80s sound as an inspiration, jumping off from that starting point to explore surrounding artistic directions. If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll likely find a few tracks on here you’ll quite enjoy and, eventually, sing along with’.

from the just published review of Night Worker from Geoff Wilburs Music Blog read  HERE and HERE.


‘Emotive giants ‘This Song’ and ‘On Charles De Gaulle Street’ help to strength the resolve of ‘Night Worker’, string together delicate lyrics with a classic, melodic rock sound and unfolding blues textures.  It’s soft rock excellently executed, conjuring up visions of 60’s greats and a bygone era, but it’s also wholly modern, with Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) stepping out into a bright world of innovative adventure’ .Tom, Anthem Review


Check out the Music Industry News Network release about Night Worker HERE


Download the songs from Night Worker on iTunes HERE on Amazon HERE Spotify HERE on Google Play HERE on igroove HERE and Tidal HERE and on Bandcamp HERE.


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Listen to the songs and watch the video promo’s by clicking on the links below.


1. Say I – Listen HERE  Watch the video promo HERE

2. This Song – Listen HERE – Watch the video promo HERE

3. On Charles De Gaulle Street – Listen HERE – Watch the video promo HERE

4. Night Worker – Listen HERE

5. There’s Stormy Weather – Listen HERE

6. Peat Bog Soldiers – Listen HERE

7. Six Feet Under Listen HERE – Watch the video promo HERE

8. Till My Day Is Done Listen HERE – Watch the video promo HERE

9. Those Schizophrenic Blues Listen HERE

10. Down, Down, Down Listen HERE  Watch the video promo HERE


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