Holy Land Revisited with music composed & performed by Paul Osagie Taylor Odiase  and with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas – both ex-North London lads, in a collaboration called ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) as both their names are Paul:)!

‘Les Paul’s’ (‘The Paul’s’) are promoted by Swiss Cottage Recordz.

Holy Land Revisited can be downloaded on Bandcamp HERE on iTunes HERE on Amazon HERE on Spotify HERE  and on rdio HERE.


The album Holy Land Revisited is assigned for Publishing Administration to UL Sounds, USA and for Licensing to Dearth Licensing, USA.


With an estimated potential readership of 2.25 million, L.A.’s Skope Magazine has reviewed our new album Holy Land Revisited as – ‘a passionate collection of serious rock’ – that we’d love you to read HERE.


On this song player appears shortened versions of the songs. Check out the ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) on Facebook  and  Reverbnation.




Click on ‘Lyrics‘ below to hear the song & read the lyrics at the same time

  1. Sleep Walking through the Mist Lyrics – Watch the video of Sleep Walking Through The Mist HERE.
  2. Driving in the Final NailLyrics
  3. Standing in the Rain Lyrics
  4. Seeing Over the Wall Lyrics
  5. The Refugee Song Lyrics
  6. SenoritaLyrics
  7. The Man I Used To BeLyrics
  8. Like A Pale MartyrLyrics
  9. Dying to be Reborn Lyrics
  10. I Will Return  – Lyrics – Watch the video of I Will Return HERE.


Holy Land Revisited Linear Notes

…… and the war came and went but the battle still raged as the mist and the smoke from the chimneys drifts in from the west carried by that wind that howls through the souls of the haters assembled like hungry wolves around the lamb waiting for the lamb to weaken or fall asleep as the rest of the apathetic world gets tired of the lambs cries and turns their backs and allows the wolves to marry their own daughters as from the east to the west their houses are slowly destroyed and overrun from within and darkness falls and doesn’t lift but they don’t realize the danger until it’s too late and they wished that they had listened to that shepherd that cried ‘Wolf’ but what can they do now except to lie down and secretly wait and hope for the two lions to come and fight their battle as they grow weaker and weaker and can no longer shout to deaf ears but whisper in the rain against the wind that tries but fails to penetrate the wall that stands strong and tall despite attempts to topple and destroy it and it remains and the sun will rise above the wall and will replace the darkness with light as the wolves retreat to their lairs to lick their wounds and the houses will be rebuilt and peace, harmony and happiness will be restored and will reign and it will be good, it will be good ……..

Paul Robert Thomas


Music composed & performed by Paul Odiase, Lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas, Album artwork by Ralph Kuhl.

 All songs © Paul Odiase & Paul Robert Thomas




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