Knocking At Your Door with music composed and performed live by The Dunnos on Reverbnation HERE with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas on Facebook HERE.



Knocking At Your Door Lyrics

I’m knocking at your door

I can’t wait any more

Ah come on let me in

My head’s starting to spin

And my heart’s pounding so fast

Ah, tell me, how long can this last?


Honey is what you are

I want us to swing on that star

Oh Babe, why is it so hard

To get close to you?


Your mama has to wait

It’s you I’ve come to date

You’re sweet sixteen and I know

Time we went to the show

Don’t send me ’round the back

It’s like being stretched on the rack!


Honey is what you are

We’ll go for a ride in my car

Oh Babe, it’s getting so hard

To get close to you!


Honey you’re so sweet, so fine

I’ve got to make you all mine

Come on open your door, please

I’ll go down on my bended knees

Come on we’ll shake it Baby

Come on we’ll twist it Honey

We’ll rock like you know we need

Oh Honey, Oh Babe, please!


You know Chuck and Jerry too

Told me all about you

I don’t care what they say

I want you come what may

I’ll treat you like a queen

Like on the silver screen


Honey is what you are

We’ll sit and watch the shooting stars

Oh Babe, it’s growing so hard

To get close to you!


Come on let’s rock and roll

Come on make this man whole

We’ll rock all day and night

And we’ll roll out of sight

It will be such a thrill

To dance on top of that hill!


Honey is what you are

You can take all my credit cards

Oh Babe, you know it’s so hard

To get close to you!


I can’t knock any more

My hand’s getting so sore

Ah can’t you hear my cries

Your love money can’t buy

I’m feeling oh so cold

How I need you to hold


The honey’s in the jar

The lid’s closed to keep me far

But Babe it’s still so hard

To get close to you!


Paul Thomas


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