The video promo of the opening track from our new album ‘The House of ill Repute’ that you can hear HERE & that can be download at all good download stores including i-Tunes HERE Amazon HERE  Rdio HERE and Spotify HERE.



Sky Christy

You guys are great..very inventive and original..and isn’t that the point of being an artist..thanx for checking out my tune..I appreciate it..and it led me to your music..which is way I like the slide show presentation and the smart pix you used..I’ve been telling my friends about you as well..I’m kind of concentrating on promoting my Giants song right now, because of the new season’s imminent start, but I also have quit a bit of other varied material that I’ll be dribbling out in the near future..carry on,

Paul Robert Thomas

Thank you so much Sky Christy, that’s so kind of you and is much appreciated:)!
Wishing you good luck & all the best from Paul:)!

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