Wilhelmina Fredericks

Dear Paul. You the best , I love your music, it brings so much love to people and our sick world, that needs to hear your voice and the meaning of your
songs. The meaningful song, you wrote “Children of the Dust” to help the orphan children in Africa , brings tears to my eyes every time, I listen to it.
I am so proud , our paths crossed. Wonderful collection of pics, I love the one with you and your mom Big Hug Cheers Wilhelmina Fredericks


Great collection of Family pics!!
I had to smile!
It seems you are all one Heart and one Soul!
And that is all that matters in this life…
God bless and I’m glad to know you Paul
Good on ya mate!
Now I know where all the good lyrics and poems come from…Deep down
From within

Paul Robert Thomas

You’re so kind, thank you so much Paul and that means a lot coming from one of the best Singer/Songwriter’s that I’ve had the honour to work with:)!

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