Paul’s first musical collaboration was with Stefan Pauleit from Kiel in a collaboration called The Grils.  Paul wrote the lyrics and Stefan composed and performed the music. Some of the songs attracted attention and became popular and one of them, Sold My Soul to the Devil which is about the legend of the great late Robert Johnson and the song elicited a response and letter to The Grils from Robert Johnson’s grandson that you can read HERE and the song became number 1 on an Australian radio station as did another of The Grils songs called The Darkest Days. They covered different styles and have 3 popular Country songs Straight from the Heart, Little Girl Before You Go and the amusing A Piece of Me (about the IRS, bankers and ex-wife’s each taking a piece of you) and as well as an Americana song On One Leg. My Old Blue Jeans is a clever acoustic song that compares your old blue jeans with growing old. Another Rainy Day was written about the drought and poverty in Africa.



1. We All Fall Down – Listen HERE

2. The Darkest Days – Listen HERE

3. My Old Blues Jeans – Listen HERE

4. On One Leg – Listen HERE

5. A Piece of Me – Listen HERE

6. Straight From The Heart – Listen HERE

7. Little Girl, Before You Go – Listen HERE

8. Am I Good Enough For You – Listen HERE

9. Sold My Soul To The Devil – Listen HERE

10. Years of Plenty – Listen HERE

11. View from the Hill – Listen HERE

12. The Evil Sea – Listen HERE

13. Another Rainy Day – Listen HERE



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