Released 14/04/2015 by London’s Swiss Cottage Recordz and Sacramento’s Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution, LLC is Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) Greatest Hits (Vol One) – available to download on Spotify, i-Tunes, Amazon UK, Amazon USA & Amazon Japan and all other major download stores too!


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All songs with music composed & performed by Paul Odiase with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas.


Track Listing

1. The House of ill Repute – Listen HERE  watch the video promo HERE

2. Sleep Walking Through The Mist – Listen HERE watch the video promo HERE

3. Mary Jane – Listen HERE

4. Standing in the Rain – Listen HERE

5. Better Days – Listen HERE

6. My Liverpool Lad – Listen HERE watch the video promo HERE

7. You Do – Listen HERE

8. Seeing Over The Wall – Listen HERE

9. Just Us Two – Listen HERE watch the video promo HERE

10. Like A Pale Martyr – Listen HERE

11. I Will Return – Listen HERE watch the video promo HERE

12. When Tomorrow Comes – Listen HERE


Back Cover Greatest Hits Album




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