The House of ill Repute with music composed & performed by Paul Odiase and with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas – both ex-North London lads, in a collaboration called ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) as both their names are Paul:)!   ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) are promoted by Swiss Cottage Recordz.


The House of ill Repute songs are available to download on Bandcamp HERE  on i-Tunes HERE on Amazon HERE on Rdio HERE and on Spotify HERE.


Join ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) on Facebook HERE and on Reverbnation HERE.


The album The House of ill Repute is assigned for Publishing Administration to UL Sounds, USA and for Licensing to Dearth Licensing, USA.


On this song player appears shortened versions of the songs.


Click on ‘Lyrics‘ below to hear the song & read the lyrics at the same time.


1. The House of ill Repute Lyrics watch the video promo HERE

2. Post Card from the EdgeLyrics

3. Mary Jane Lyrics

4. Just Us TwoLyrics watch the video promo HERE

5. Dragon’s on Fire Lyrics

6. You Do Lyrics

7. With You By My Side Lyrics

8. Dance Under the Midnight Moon Lyrics

9. Oh Babe Lyrics

10. The Funeral on Bourbon Street Lyrics

11. When Tomorrow ComesLyrics


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