Holy Land Revisited‘ with music composed & performed by Paul Osagie Taylor Odiase  and with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas – both ex-North London lads, in a collaboration called ‘Les Paul’s’ (meaning ‘The Paul’s’ – as that’s their names:)! ‘Les Paul’s’ are affiliated to Swiss Cottage Recordz.
‘Holy Land Revisited’ was released on 30/5/14 & the album’s songs can be initially downloaded on i-Tunes HERE and on Amazon HERE. The songs will soon be available on all major download stores and more download links will follow – Thank You:)!

With an estimated potential readership of 2.25 million, L.A.’s Skope Magazine has reviewed our new album ‘Holy Land Revisited’ as – ‘a passionate collection of serious rock’ – that we’d love you to read HERE.

(On this song player appears shortened versions of the songs).

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Artist Bio of Paul Odiase

Artist Bio of Paul Robert Thomas

Click on ‘Lyrics‘ below to hear the song & read the lyrics at the same time

  1.  Sleepwalking through the Mist - Lyrics
  2.  Driving in the Final Nail – Lyrics
  3.  Standing in the Rain – Lyrics
  4.  Seeing Over the Wall – Lyrics
  5.  The Refugee Song – Lyrics
  6.   Senorita – Lyrics
  7.  The Man I Used To Be – Lyrics
  8.   Like A Pale Martyr – Lyrics
  9.   Dying to be Reborn - Lyrics
  10.   I Will Return  - Lyrics


Music composed & performed by Paul Odiase, Lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas, Album artwork by Ralph Kuhl

 All songs © Paul Odiase & Paul Robert Thomas






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