Going Down Fighting is a 6 song album with music composed & performed by Paul Walker  on Facebook HERE and with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas on Facebook HERE – ‘Going Down Fighting’, ‘Pocket Full of Stones’, ‘Don’t Mean Nothing To Me’, ‘Love & Theft’, ‘Down the Track Lines’ and ‘All the Way from Eden‘.


We are thrilled that songs with Paul Walker from our album ‘Going Down Fighting have just been Licensed for use in The USA in 7 different projects for TV, film, advertisements, in-store radio and albums.  


The songs from Going Down Fighting can be downloaded at iTunes HERE and Amazon HERE and on Tidal HERE.


Join Going Down Fighting Facebook HERE.

Watch the video promo of Going Down Fighting page HERE.

Watch the video promo of A Pocket Full of Stones HERE.

Watch the video promo of Don’t Mean Nothing To Me HERE


The album Going Down Fighting is assigned for Publishing Administration to UL Sounds, USA and for Licensing to Dearth Licensing, USA.


Click on ‘Lyrics‘ beside each song title below to the hear the song as you read the lyrics


Going Down Fighting Lyrics

A Pocket Full of Stones Lyrics

Don’t Mean Nothing To Me Lyrics

Love & Theft Lyrics

Down The Track Lines Lyrics

All the Way from Eden Lyrics




Martin Putnam

Hi Guys, I am listening and enjoying right now. Beautiful mix and I and the vocals I just think are heartfelt and opening song brings back and forth some eye opening, fun to start my day kick me up music. Keep the faith my new friends. Martin T. Putnam / Putnam’s Landing

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