Crossing the Ocean‘ is a Folk album with music by Guitavio and containing 9 songs with lyrics by Paul Robert ThomasYou Can’t Take it With You/I Love the Way/Glory Days/The Nursery Rhyme Song/The Tale of Jimmy Bean/I Am Who I Am/Railroad Man/Sweeter Than Wine/Crimson Red and is available to download at i-Tunes.
Guitavio are on Acoustic Guitar Erk Böteführ, Bass Ronald Kowalewski , accordion Hella matzo Lembcke and on drums Markus cell and vocalist Coretta Behr.


Click onLyricsbeside each song title below to the hear the song as you read the lyrics. 

crossing the ocean

You Can’t Take it With You Lyrics 

I Love the WayLyrics

Glory DaysLyrics

The Nursery Rhyme SongLyrics

The Tale of Jimmy BeanLyrics

I Am Who I AmLyrics

Railroad Man Lyrics

Sweeter Than Wine Lyrics

Crimson Red Lyrics

 Watch the videos of the songs

Trailer for Crossing the OceanHERE

Jimmy Bean CartoonHERE

Crimson Red – (Live)HERE

The Tale of Jimmy Bean (Live)HERE

I Am Who I Am (Live)HERE

Sweeter Than Wine (Live)HERE

crossing the ocean





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