Cole Porter’s Blues is an album of Jazz/Blues songs with music composed by Michel Ackermann & performed with his jazz band and with lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas.


The songs from Cole Porter’s Blues are available to download on i-Tunes.

The album Cole Porter’s Blues is assigned for Publishing Administration to UL Sounds, USA and for Licensing to Dearth Licensing, USA.

Click on ‘Lyrics‘ to hear the song & read the lyrics at the same time

1.        Absolutely No-One to Blame Lyrics         

2.         How Long?Lyrics   Watch the How Long? Video HERE.

3.         For YouLyrics

4.         Not Long For This WorldLyrics  

5.         Sailing Through The Storm Lyrics

6.         Drunk on the Moon Lyrics

7.         All There Is Lyrics

8.        To Save Us All Lyrics                                                        

9.         Cole Porter’s Blues Lyrics

10.       Man of No TomorrowLyrics

11.       What You Lose Cannot Be ReplacedLyrics

12.       Bye, Bye, Bye Lyrics


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