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‘A Mile Until Dawn’ by  ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s)   was released on 22 December 2016 by Swiss Cottage Recordz download on i-Tunes HERE on Amazon HERE on Spotify HERE and Google Play HERE you can stream and download on Bandcamp HERE and on Soundclick HERE.

Watch the A Mile Until Dawn Song Samples Video HERE.

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) are song writer and composer Paul Odiase and song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas.

You can listen to the album’s edited songs on Soundcloud HERE or listen to the full songs via the links below or on Bandcamp HERE.

You can read a short description about the album and the songs HERE.

You can read an in depth review of A Mile Until Dawn from  Jamsphere Music Magazine HERE

You can read the Music Industry News Network release for A Mile Until Dawn  HERE.

You can read the first album review from Germany HERE.

A review from Emerging Indie Bands HERE and from Geoff Wilbur’s Blog HERE


Listen to the songs and read the lyrics below:-

1. There’s Nothing NewListen HERE  Watch the promo video HERE

2. You Just Kiss And TellListen HERE

3. A Thousand EyesListen HERE Watch the promo video HERE

4. Anna Frank Listen HERE  Watch the Anna Frank video HERE

5. A Mile Until Dawn Listen HERE  Watch the promo video HERE

6. I Knew You OnceListen HERE

7. Don’t Kick Me When I’m DownListen  HERE Watch the promo video HERE

8. Left Me Feeling Cold – Listen  HERE

9. No Use Crying Over Spilt MilkListen HERE

10. We Were All Born To DieListen HERE

11. You Screwed Me UpListen HERE

12. You F-cked Me UpListen HERE



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